Monday, December 15, 2014

Bunny Ballerina

Aria was always dancing around everywhere she went. Her mother would say,” Aria you’re such a natural talent filled with joy” whenever she got the chance to watch Aria on stage. Aria’s mom was never fully around because of business trips or at least that’s what she told Aria. So to make up for it she allowed Aria to have two pet bunnies, Rosco and LPJ, even though she hated the little creatures with a passion. She also allowed Aria to attended dance classes at the local studio.
It was the Christmas season. Aria could smell the holiday season in the air as she walked briskly to the train station from school; with Rosco and LPJ in hand inside their travel case. She was running late to dance so she decided to take the short cut through the small patch of woods. Too bad she didn’t realize that the woods at this time of year were full of magical things. As she ran as fast as her little feet would take her, Aria slipped on a patch of ice and fell hitting her head of rock covered in the snow and throwing Rosco and LPJ landing them on against the largest pine tree in the forest; breaking their travel case open.
Rosco and LPJ were similar to Aria; small, always filled with energy, and had a strong passion for dance. They always wanted to be like Aria, free to move around with such grace and power. Rosco had always wanted to go see a the Nutcracker performed by American Ballet Theatre, but every time Aria had tried to bring them she was forced to leave her beloved bunnies at the receptionist’s desk because of a sign that read, “NO PETS ALLOWED INCLUDING CUTE BUNNIES!” While LPJ just wanted to know how it felt to be on stage performing in front of millions of people every night.  The enormous pine tree that had broken their travel case heard their inner wishes. It turned LPJ into Aria with causing Aria’s body to look the exact same, but instead of having long brown hair and small ears; she now had LPJ’s head on top of her body. While Rosco was transformed into a small doll that Aria could take to watch the American Ballet Theatre that night with the rest of the girls from the studio.
That night at the Lincoln Center building there was a raffle drawing for each young girl under the age of 13. Aria was 12. Not knowing that LPJ was now her face she drew from the bin, drawing the winning ticket. Her prize was that she would be able to meet Misty Copeland and go on stage as Clara, the lead in the Nutcracker, during the Christmas tree scene. All while Rosco got to sit backstage and watch the entire thing.

The next morning everything was back to normal. The travel case was fixed. Rosco was no longer a doll and LPJ was back to being a normal bunny. Everything had been all just a dream. 

Ballerina- Alix Kast